2016 Ironman Chattanooga by the Numbers

by Rob McNeely

Race Date: 10 million B.C.
Weather: 2,000 degrees

OK, not really.

Race Date:September 25, 2016
Weather:High temp 97 degrees

Events that Happened the last time it was 97 degrees on September 25 in Chattanooga (in 1931):
Pilot Jimmy Doolittle set record by flying across the U.S. in 11:15:00.
George V was the King of England.
Country singer George Jones was less than one month old.
The Philadelphia Athletics had just won the American League pennant over the Cleveland Indians.
RCA Victor had just introduced the LP Record at a demonstration in New York.

Total Registrants:2,716 (all numbers are based on results at ironman.com)
Total Participants: 1,914
Total Finishers:1,652
Total DNF/DNS: 262
Total Male Finishers:1,111
Total Female Finishers: 541

Participants in Med Tent: 611
Participants in Med Tent 2015: 200
IVs Administered: 350
Participants taken to ER: 14

Fastest Pro Male:Marino Vanhoenacker, 40, BEL8:12:22
Fastest Tri Club Male: Charlie Johnson, 36, Tallahassee10:02:54 (winner M35-39, Kona qualifier)

Fastest Pro Female: None (Ironman sometimes varies pro purses by gender at various races)
Fastest Tri Club Female: Jamila Allen, 27, Tallahassee12:47:07 (10th of 47 in Age Group)

Youngest Age Male: Oliver Crane, 18, New Jersey15:20:56
Youngest Age Female: Samantha Dowell, 23, Virginia14:28:57

Oldest Male:Eckhard Friedreich, 73, Germany15:12:45
Oldest Female:Ellen Chu, 64, Texas15:58:34

Tri Club Participants:26
Tri Club Finishers:18
Tri Club Champions:26 + Sherpas

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