EFFECTIVE:  January 1, 2015

All scoring is based on Official Race Results or in the case of discrepancies at the discretion of the Gulf Winds Triathletes Board of Directors, to remain consistent with the vision of the club as stated in the bylaws. Membership in Gulf Winds Triathletes must be valid on race day to be eligible for Grand Prix points from that race.  Any Gulf Winds Triathletes member competing in a Grand Prix race is eligible to earn points, but to be eligible for end-of-year awards, a member must finish at least three Grand Prix races.  Special recognition/awards will be based on the member’s best five Grand Prix event finishes (highest points total).

VOLUNTEERISM: In order to be eligible for annual, special recognition/awards, club members must volunteer in at least one triathlon-related event or function. Examples of opportunities are volunteering at triathlons, Gulf Winds Triathletes events, Gulf Winds Track Club races, Youth Triathlon Series (YTS) events, South City Multisport, serving on Track Club or Tri Club Committees, etc.  When you have completed your volunteerism requirement please notify the club by sending an email to info@gulfwindstri.com

OPEN POINTS: Open Points are awarded to the first five Tri Club members to cross the finish line in a Grand Prix event.  1st place earns 30 points, 2nd earns 20, 3rd earns 17, 4th earns 15, and 5th earns 13 points. This is the same scoring methodology used by the Gulf Winds Track Club in Open scoring for its Grand Prix events, except the Tri Club gives special recognition Open awards to the top 5 men and women and the Track Club gives the awards to the top 10 of each gender.

AGE GROUP POINTS: Age Group Points are awarded to the first five Tri Club members in each age group.  1st place earns 20 points, 2nd earns 15, 3rd earns 12 points, 4th earns 10, and the 5th earns 8 points. This is also the same scoring methodology used by the Gulf Winds Track Club in Age Group scoring for its Grand Prix events, except the Gulf Winds Track Club awards Age Group points to the top 8 in each age group.  Note: It is possible to earn both Open Points and Age Group Points from a single event.  Simply be one of the first five Tri Club members to cross the finish line and one of the top five finishers in your age group, and you’ll rack up some serious Grand Prix points.

PARTICIPATION POINTS: In addition to being eligible for Open and Age Group Points, any member who finishes a Grand Prix race will receive one Age Group Point.

TARGETED RACE MULTIPLIER: Each year, the club will designate three Grand Prix races as “targeted” races to promote maximum participation and camaraderie. Targeted races will receive a multiplier of 0.25 to both open and age group points. We will be attempting to have training and social events scheduled around these targeted races. As an added benefit to club members, we will also be reaching out to try and secure race registration, lodging, and other race-related discounts for these races! 140.6 (or greater)

BONUS POINTS: Club members will receive 10 Grand Prix points for every 140.6-mile or greater triathlon they successfully finish. The club member should report their successful completion of the event within 30 days by sending an email to info@gulfwindstri.com.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION: Club members who finish every Grand Prix race for a season will receive special recognition at the annual awards ceremony.  If you participated in a Grand Prix event but don’t see any points from that event, please check to confirm that you were in the top five of your age group from the Tri Club before reporting a discrepancy.